Business begets Business

There is a lot to learn when starting something new, and doubly so when its a business. You have the idea and concept, then putting that into motion requires the technical parts you have to put in place. Tax information, banking information, marketing, its a lot.

Which got me to thinking, just in the early going, how many businesses/organizations am I using for my business? And I was a little shocked to think of it that way.

Squarespace (Web site)




Wells Fargo




Cretan Honey USA

US Government (FEIN)

State of CA (Sales tax)

City of Stockton (Business License)

Office Depot

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce (member)

Creative Vision Printing

To varying degrees we end up working with all of them, and Iā€™m sure that is in no way comprehensive, but gives you an idea of the moving parts just off the top of my head to get something up and running. With all that being said, what an incredible time that you can start something from just the keyboard of your computer.

Chris Kay