What's The Deal With Olive Oil....

Most of you are following along, took a survey, and heard me speak in person about…olive oil! And here we are with…honey?



Yes, we launched with honey, for a few reasons. We had always planned on a few Greek items to specialize in, olive oil being a priority, but honey being a very close second; herbs, like oregano or thyme, and eventually wine, as Crete boasts several unique varietals when we grow.

Once we went live with our social media pages, we did hear almost immediately from a few different exporters about their products, but one stood out with Cretan Thyme Honey. We knew the brand well, and their reputation was impeccable. They have family on both sides of the Atlantic, and already had packaging to US standards. But most importantly, they have, and continue to produce, an excellent product I support.

And this is where we get to the detail with the olive oil.

Selfishly, I was only seeking to work with someone that did not have a US presence yet. I wanted to take this from start to finish, via FDA registration, shipping logistics, working with a producer, etc. As you’ve heard me say, Greece, while third in the world in olive oil production, doesn’t have much (if any) shelf space at your local store, and that was where I felt I can make some inroads. Cretan olive oil is almost non-existent in the US (for now).

But wanting to break someone into the US market means that I have to find the right tasting product (more on this in a future blog), someone willing to start small (one pallet order), and someone willing to bring their label to US FDA standards….not to mention shipping logistics from an island in the Med to our doorstep here in Stockton.

But the exciting part is that we have a GREAT partner, we have someone willing to work with us, someone willing to work the label, someone that can scale for our growth, and someone with a GREAT and UNIQUE brand…

…and their olive oil is absolutely fantastic.

So that’s the deal with olive oil. We’ll be ready to make an announcement soon (I keep saying once its on the boat) but do stay with us as we prepare to bring you some of the best pure extra virgin olive oil you’ve ever had

Chris Kay