The Journey Begins

This endeavor started for a lot of reasons, and we’ve learned a lot, getting into international commerce, learning a business, and trying to get this off the ground.

After nearly a year of work, we have (quietly) launched with out first product, honey from the Island of Crete in Greece.

This quiet launch is a way to test our new commerce tools (learning!), and most importantly establish our shipping channels, work our marketing messaging, and reach out to you to let you know we are here.

This isn’t just any honey. All natural, 100% honey in one thing. But a family that can physically trace their roots back 250 years of beekeeping, well before the United States was, well, the United States, and perhaps even as far back as 500 years, they know their stuff.

Cretan Thyme Honey. The bees pollinate wild thyme on the island of Crete, and create a fragrant and flavorful honey.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the excellent Saviolakis family and their long history to bring this to market here on the West Coast.

Please follow along on our journey as our bigger project is still working its way to completion: Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Chris Kay