Economic Development

One project can tick off multiple goals, which is why I am loving the import business so much. A main goal for starting this business was to promote economic development in Greece. Since the financial crisis has hit Greece, its been a horror show. Unemployment over 25%, youth and young unemployment near 50%, brain drain, loss of 18,000 state paid and educated doctors, and a plummeting birth rate.

Greece has an economic development arm that works to promote industry on a large (read millions of dollars) scale. But, when you have two situations, one where you stalled a Canadian mining company in Northern Greece, and one where you stall the redevelopment of the old Hellinikon Airport, probably the largest infill project in any major European city, people get cold feet.

Iā€™m not trying to be depressing. Im trying to be honest.

I wrote earlier how on this project has spurred work with nearly 20 (now over) businesses in the States. But as we finalized bottling and prepped my pallet of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to ship, something much clearer came into focus. I invested a good chunk of money buying a pallet of this excellent olive oil. But, that investment led to much more. My supplier had to use a Greek company for the bottles. A Greek company for the boxes. A Greek company to design the label to US standards. A Greek company to ship the pallet from the island. A Greek company to ship this to me in the States. Not to mention the supplier and his staff to prep and put all this together.

And while a small investment in most standards, that put a lot of people to work. And it was a gig no one had last year. Hopefully the start of much more.

Chris Kay