Cant Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

As many of you know we launched last week with our pre sale for Elia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oh, you hadn’t heard about it? You can pre-order now!

First, another huge than you to all for your support and putting in pre orders; I had a tentative goal in mind for this, and the start has exceeded it.

Now the fun part of this adventure starts, but its always fun to look back and how far this has actually come. This started as a concept in late 2017, then after some family tragedy, it coalesced into something that I was determined to do.

The internet is a wonderful tool sometimes, and I used it to find Cretan olive oil producers. Literally hundreds of emails back and forth with different suppliers, ranging on everything from samples to private labels (my own logo or not) to bottle size (250ml to 1L), to bottle type (metal vs glass), to pallet size (US standard or EU standard) was up for negotiation.

And, starting small, required additional steps. Registering with the FDA, registering my producer with the FDA, finding a shipper that would ship one pallet (harder than you think!), and working with customs for the product once landed. Plus figuring out the port of entry (East Coast) and getting it to me here in California, you can see why there aren’t many Greek products here on the West Coast.

Putting all of this together did take nearly 18 months, all while maintaining a full-time job, and raising a crazy two year old with my wife.

Its scary to take this risk; but to me, I felt it would be a bigger risk to not try.

As we get ready to introduce this product to the US market, we’ll be posting updates while following the shipment along, and the process once it hits port in Brooklyn. Thank you all for your early support, and enjoy the journey as we bring it to you!

Chris Kay