Olive oil and honey are some of the oldest traded commodities in human history.

With increasing demand for these products, the mass market has degraded quality.

For olive oil, blends made up of mixes from multiple countries, as well as cheap filler seed oils, are used to increase yield and cut the product. This results in a cheap supermarket product has no health benefits you should get from olive oil.

For honey, demand has increased while supply has remained steady; cheap sugar syrups are used to supplement honey production. Again, you lose the health benefits.

We feel strongly that you should use something that is real. Quality. Authentic.

What we offer are 100% authentic products. What’s on the label is what’s in our products. Made from families we know. Sourced from one place. Not just tasting these amazing products, but getting the health benefits you should.

Meet Our Family


Thank you from all of us at Carter Imports! We appreciate you supporting our business.

There’s several reasons we started this project. In no particular order:

  1. After losing over 80lbs, I realized the true importance of food to your diet. Sticking to a combo of Keto and Intermittent Fasting, which utilized a lot of high quality real olive oil, I dropped well below the 300 lbs I had been for over a decade.

  2. Our family, wife Kristen and daughter Kenley, went on trips to Greece and Italy in the last year. And I still lost weight…owing a lot to the quality of the food. Everywhere you go, food is real and fresh. And both of those countries have less food related health issues than the US.

  3. As a proud Greek/American, I know there is a gap in the market of Greek olive oil. Most Greek olive oil producers send their product to Italy and Spain to be combined as a blend, and they’re happy with the arrangement. But, a lot of enterprising Greeks, after years of financial crisis at home, are getting smart and breaking into new markets. Plus I feel an obligation to support Greek businesses.

  4. Our most important reason for starting this was to try something new, as life is special and not guaranteed. In August of 2017, my wonderful wife and I endured the hardest day of our life, when we lost our precious baby boy to a miscarriage. When you’re confronted with life and death, you start to take stock of what is important and what is not. And with that, we decided to try something new. Hence, Carter Imports, named after him.