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Why you should visit Crete!

One of our goals is to help spread the good word about the wonderful island of Crete. There are beautiful beaches, storied history, and a crossroads of cultures ranging thousands of years. We want to share some amazing places and activities you should check out with your trip to Crete!

Never been but want to go and don’t know where to start? Reach out to us and we are happy to provide some tips, tricks, and local favorites!


Cretan Food is unrivaled for its simplicity. Real, seasonal food, with a healthy dose of olive oil are a key component of the Cretan Diet.


Crete has a lot of native and unique varietals of wine. A big problem is they have long Greek names no one wants to bother to learn; don’t let that stop you from trying these amazing wines! Crete, in particular, has amazing white wines like Vidiano, Vilana, and Assyrtiko that are perfect for summer heat. But, if your hung up on the names and don’t know where to start, we HIGHLY recommend Chania Wine Tours, led by a couple of Greek Americans that returned home to Crete. Anna Maria is a sommelier, and Vasilis is a wine maker, so you can’t really get two better people to take you on a custom tour of wineries around Chania. Check out their Web site (and their entertaining social media pages at Chania Wine Tours) and book them when you go to Crete.

Balos is remote but worth the trek!

Balos is remote but worth the trek!

Balos Beach

Located on the far west side of the island, Balos beach is an amazing and remote beach with shallow water and postcard perfect views. Added bonus: this lagoon used to be a pirate haven for Greeks during the war of independence!

There are two ways to get to Balos. The first is by boat, leaving out of Kissamos, with a stop at the Venetian fortress of Gramvousa before bringing you to the lagoon pictures above.

The second is more adventurous, by car over a winding rocky dirt road. It’s about two miles to the top of the hill and, fair warning, no rental car service in Crete will insure your car for the drive, so drive at your own risk. And the hike from there is about a mile down. However, if you can brave the drive and the hike you’ll get spectacular postcard perfect pictures of the beach.

The Venetian Harbor in Chania is one of the most photographed areas of Greece!

The Venetian Harbor in Chania is one of the most photographed areas of Greece!

Venetian Harbor of Chania

Built by the Venetians during their time in charge on the island, you’ll feel a lot of similarities with Venice. Bright buildings, narrow alleyways, and a lot of waterfront seating to enjoy amazing Greek food and wonderful drinks.

Chania has been continuously inhabited since Minoan times (2000 BC) and there are remnants of all the civilizations that have made their home on the island through the millennia.

Chania is definitely a place to spend some time, strolling along, and enjoying the vibe of a city the Greeks visit for vacation.